Friday Favorites: February Picks

Why, hello there. It’s me again. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently (food included) but I’ll leave the catching up to another post (I’ll definitely get to it). The first week of February is almost over, which means there’s only one week left until Valentine’s Day (hence the title for this week’s post). Actually, I decided to go with “February Picks” rather than “Valentine’s Day Picks” cause the only person that’s buying any of things things for me would be myself. So… there’s no point in making it Valentine-specific. This wishlist has a lot of pinks and floral things because, at this point, I’m really just ready for spring to come now that winter is clearly not happening. I feel like the weather is stuck in perpetual fall or something. Of course, it’s complemented by my love for white things.

February Picks

Anyway, I swear I am not ghosting or anything like that. I have 6 chapters to read and homework assignments that come along with them as well as two tests so I really, really need to get to it. I have some special posts planned for this blog so stay tuned for that. Happy Friday, everyone.

P.S. How frustrating is it when your internet keeps dropping so you can’t publish your post? My internet has been dropping every five or so minutes. Which is why I’m going to press Publish as soon as it’s back up again.

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  1. Aww dear these are all just so adorable picks! Lifted up my mood instantly. It’s been so grey and cold for too long – the least we can do is surround ourselves with pretty things. :) I can’t even choose my favorite right now.. Hmm. Probably wouldn’t use those shorts because I’m not comfortable with my legs at the moment, but otherwise any item from your collage would make my heart skip a beat. <3

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  2. they are all sooooo cute! especially that mug and those shorts :) i need them all!

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