Inspiration for Mondays: Address the Prompt

Wow it’s already that time of the week again. I’ve had a pretty busy and eventful weekend in preparation for the Lunar New Year (this Friday). Add in the fact that Spring Semester classes are starting today and you have the makings of a hectic week. I thought I was ready for the New Semester, but honestly, I just want to go back to sleep. Anyway, this post is titled “Address the Prompt” so I’ll stop digressing and get to the point. As you may have discerned, I have a special relationship with Polyvore (aka my unrequited love for it). It’s not just a digital wardrobe or a place where you can go to make your dream closet. It’s a creative outlet; a source of inspiration. And one of the ways I can get inspiration is from participating in the Polyvore “contests.” If you’ve never tried any Polyvore contests, they have many a week. Some are for fun while others are for gift card prizes. Here are four of my recent entries:

1. Tricky Trend: Sheers

A fun trend, sheers can be hard to wear. How would you style this tricky look without revealing all?

Tricky Trend: Sheers

2. Wardrobe Staple: Bright and Cozy Coats

Mega-bright coats are a wardrobe must-have. How do you style them?

Bright and Cozy

3. Fab in February: Bright Red

This season’s bright reds add punch to our winter wardrobes. How would you wear this cheerful hue?

Fall in Love with Bright Red

4. 2014: Year of the Horse

Celebrate the Year of the Horse by creating a set showcasing your favorite equine look!

Year of the Horse

Have you ever created an outfit that followed some kind of guideline? Entered into a Polyvore contest or something similar? Leave a comment and let me know, and as always, thank you for visiting.

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  1. Gorgeous style collages! Hard to pick a favorite, I guess the one with sheer dress etc. or Year of the Horse.. :) I have polyvore but haven’t made any proper sets yet. Yours are definitely an inspiration! ^^

    Thank you for the comment. Hehe, my list of only lip products sure was quite an achievement already.. :D And on top of that everything else.

    x Happy weekend !


  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for leaving your reply to me on my blog about my post today. I totally appreciate your input. I just wanted to say back to you that for me personally, owning one “city beanie” vs. two felt more special because I don’t have a strong connection to blood family who actually live in Shanghai nor do I have a strong connection to my culture because I grew up in a very Americanized way. I could/should have been more clear about that in my post but, I left my comments neutral without delving deeply into my reasoning. So, to put it shortly, I wanted to just own one item representing another part of who I am that I don’t connect with often.
    Also, I should not be wearing black but typically, I wear my bright colors and the color red once the festivities start. BUT, again, I’m not one to talk since I didn’t grow up very traditional. =)

    On another note related to your post, I love the year of the horse collection. The eye shadow palette is dreamy. =)

    Thank you again for your comment!


  3. Love all these looks. My favourite is the bright coats trend. I have always loved bright coats and have a couple myself which I love to wear. Also love the classic red, the heart sunglasses are adorable.

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